NEW! Carbon Cleaning Service


Carbon is a by-product that occurs naturally in car engines. Anything from stop-and-go driving, high Idle times and engine poor fuel may be the reason for carbon buildup. Eventually, carbon begins to form a layer of black soot, which builds up slowly over time. Our hydrogen-generating electrolysis generator is hooked up to your vehicle's air intake in minutes by our trained technicians while you wait. The results can be seen in the images below.

The Carbon Cleaning Process

Hydrogen Enriched Gas Enters the Engine’s Cylinders. The increase in the internal oxygen proportion results in clean combustion while the catalytic properties of hydrogen react with carbon for reducing the internal carbon deposits. When Oxyhydrogen enters the combustion chamber, the combustion causes the molecules to “tear up” the hydrogen molecules. Carbon deposits are converted to hydrocarbons & exits exhaust cleanly & safely. This reaction causes carbon to chemical transform into the gaseous state of hydrocarbon (HC), which is then emitted out through the exhaust system.


Using no harsh chemicals, Carbon Tek carbon cleaning process detoxifies the engine. The result is regained engine power and efficiency, restored MPG, and reduced emissions.


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